About Grind Tools

Grind Tools manufactures fully Automatic Grinding & Polishing Machines with the latest features, rotary indexing tables, conveyor systems, automatic compound applications, wheel wear systems, PLC and CNC controls. Grind Tools also manufactures Robotic Cells for Polishing and Buffing applications.

What We Do?

Grind Tools makes Grinding & Polishing Machines for a wide range of applications such as Auto components, Kitchenware, Brass hardware, Bath fittings, Bright bars, Square and Round Tubes, Kitchen Sinks, Cutlery, etc.


Grind Tools has in-house manufacturing facilities to manufacture customized machines as per clients requirements. We have our own latest technology machines, software, and well educated and professionaly trained staff, to cater your all polishing machine needs.


  • Faucets and Bath Fittings
  • Door Handles and Door Plates
  • Door Hinges and Fittings
  • SS Kitchenware & Cookware
  • SS Cutlery and Knives
  • Stainless Steel Sinks
  • Aluminum Cookware and Pans
  • Furniture Tubes and Pipes
  • SS Square Tubes
  • SS Round Tubes
  • SS Sheets & Coils
  • Aluminum Profiles
  • Hex and Square Bright Bars
  • Round Bright Bars
  • Forged Hand Tools
  • Clutch Plates and Press Parts
  • Shock Absorber Tubes and Rods
  • Axle Beam and Connecting Rods
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